100% of Downloads per 1000 Downloads
65% of Sales & 60% of Rebills
40% of Downloads and 30% of Sales


  • Minimum payout is $20
  • Refer a people and earn 15% from each your referral profits.
  • Payments are made via Bitcoin, Paypal, USDT (TRC20).
  • Payment Charges Will be deducted from user balance, if applicable
  • Payout requests will be usually processed in less than 24hrs, maximum it can take upto 1 week.

Tier / Length 1-500 MB 500-2048 MB 2048-3072 MB 3072-5120 MB 5120-* MB
Tier 1 $8$12$16$20$50
Tier 2 $4$8$10$12$20
Tier 3 $2$4$6$8$15
Tier 4 $1$2$3$4$10

Tier 1 Belgium, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States, Japan

Tier 2 Andorra, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, Qatar, Russian Federation, Sweden, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Poland

Tier 3 Argentina, Bulgaria, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, South Korea, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Mauritius, Malaysia, Oman, Turkey, Slovenia, Ukraine

Tier 4 All other countries